FAQ - Lab 03: Timing

Completed the timing portion of the lab but still failing local tests? #

The tests that verify the correctness of your timing are very subject to the vagaries of the computer you’re running on, so take them with a grain of salt. This can cause an incorrect result, even if you’ve done everything correctly. Your Gradescope score will be your final score on the lab, so don’t worry if you’re failing these tests locally.

Completed AdventureGame but still failing #

If you completed lab02 last week, be sure to paste your adventure code from lab02 into lab03/src/adventure!

Also, the tests were rewritten to be less buggy/annoying and slightly more comprehensive, so you may fail tests that you passed last week if there are still some bugs present in your code.

All I see is the Fibonacci experiment #

Be sure to replace the experiment you’re running in main with whichever one you want to run!

Having trouble running Timing Tests with a good resize strategy #

Be sure to modify the AList class so that the resize strategy is multiplicative instead of additive and rerun timeAListConstruction.

I get “AdventureGame(edu.princeton.cs.algs4.In,adventure.AdventureStage) has private access in adventure.AdventureGame” #

Please do not copy the AdventureGame.java file from the lab02 folder, but only the individual stages. If you have already done so, you could restore the AdventureGame.java via git restore --source=skeleton/lab03 lab03/src/adventure/AdventureGame.java.

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