CS 61B Data Structures, Spring 2023
Instructor: Josh Hug, Justin Yokota
Lecture: 1-2 MWF, Li Ka Shing 245, Zoom

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Semester Instructor Midterm 1 Midterm 2 Final
Spring 2023 Hug, Yokota [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video]
Fall 2022 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol]
Spring 2021 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video]
Fall 2020 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video]
Spring 2019 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video]
Spring 2018 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video]
Spring 2017 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video*] [exam] [sol]
Spring 2016 Hug [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol] [video] [exam] [sol]
Spring 2015 Hug [exam] [sol] [exam] [sol] [exam] [sol]

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