FAQ - Lab 02: Debugging

I’m getting merge conflicts after re-pulling the skeleton #

First, add and commit your local changes so that git status reads that your working tree is clean.

Then, refer to the Git WTFs section on resolving merge conflicts. You’ll need to incorporate both your local changes (this likely includes your BombMain passwords and AdventureGame fixes) and the bug fixes from the skeleton.

After you’ve resolved the merge conflicts in the files, you’ll need to re-add and commit them to complete the merge.

Come into office hours or lab if you’re unsure on what to do!

I still fail every test in AdventureGameTests even after implementing BeeCountingStage! #

Re-pull from the skeleton using git pull skeleton main.

There’s a lot of red in my IntelliJ #

First, be sure you’ve imported the libraries correctly. Refer back to step 5 of the Assignment Workflow if you need a refresher on how to do this.

If that doesn’t work, be sure that src is blue and tests is green. Refer to the IntelliJ WTFS to mark your src and tests folders appropriately.

IllegalArgumentException: Could not open ...txt in AdventureGameTests #

Be sure that you’ve opened the project with the lab02 folder as the parent directory.

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